About us

Our approach

Xenogenesis was founded in 2002 with a single vision. This vision was to provide our clients a level of service that other companies take for granted. Our motto has always been "Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated." This commitment to service has allowed us to prosper for over ten years primarily through one client telling another.

Prior to founding Xenogenesis RADAR imaging the owner of the firm worked for many other companies providing various services. Our owner noted one thing in common with each firm. This commonality was that clients were treated like numbers and as only a source of income for the company. Most of the firms provided adequate service but they never achieved any client loyalty. Having noted this he set out to build his business a little different. He instills into each employee the need to make our clients feel like friends and family by treating them like individuals rather than a number.

We are very proud of our friends and family and appreciate their loyalty.

Each of our technicians have a minimum of five years of providing RADAR imaging. Through the years we have picked up on a few tips and tricks to evaluate the concrete that other firms with less experience have not put into practice, but we are still constantly learning on each project so we can provide a better service in the future. We look forward to showing you what we can do.

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