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Welcome to Xenogenesis RADAR Imaging

Since 2002, Xenogenesis RADAR imaging has been servicing the RADAR and X-ray needs of general contractors, electrical contractors, mechanical contractors, building owners, architects, and engineers throughout the Southeast and beyond. What began as a better way to X-ray concrete floors and walls for a few select clients has evolved into one of the largest RADAR imaging firms in the country. 

Our philosophy at Xenogenesis since our inception has been and will always be--Treat people the way we want to be treated. This golden rule has allowed our firm to thrive where many other firms failed. It is our mission to ensure that we have met and exceeded our clients expectations on every project.

By performing a RADAR scan or concrete scan of the areas where your firm wishes to drill, cut or core your firm can be proactive in preventing damage to conduit, rebar, or post tension cables. Damage to conduits can be quite costly and also cause unintended headaches when power is cut off from other tenants in the building. Damaging post tension cables and rebar can be even more costly because of the potential for structural damage. Xenogenesis RADAR imaging can help assist your firm in not damaging the conduits, rebar, and post tension cables in your building quickly and for a fraction of the cost to repair damage with one simple call or email to our office.  

Xenogenesis RADAR imaging is not X-ray, but Xenogenesis RADAR imaging is comperable to x-ray for most aspects of concrete evaluation and superior to x-ray in many other aspects of concrete evaluation. Xenogenesis RADAR imaging does not involve a radioactive source to perform your concrete scans so there are no safety concerns. Xenogenesis RADAR imaging provides quick response and evaluation of your concrete instead of having to wait the mandatory three days most states require for x-ray evaluation. With the RADAR scans the results are instant and most locations take less that an hour for a typical RADAR scan. In addition RADAR scans can provide our client with an estimated depth of inclusions where x-ray cannot. 

Xenogenesis RADAR imaging works for clients all over the US, our corporate office is located Atlanta, Georgia. We have technicians in various cities on any given day so chances are that we have one close by your location. By being centrally located in the southeast Xenogensis RADAR imaging easily provides services for the surrounding areas, such as, Birmingham, Alabama and Charlotte, North Carolina and Chattanooga, Tennessee to name a few. Both Birmingham,Alabama and Charlotte, North Carolina as well as a dozen other cities are just a short drive, so we are able to work within most time frames to get your project completed quickly.  The other great thing about our corporate office being located in Atlanta, Georgia is that we have easy access to cheap flights anywhere in the country. The Atlanta airport is a main hub for most of the country so most flights are quite inexpensive and typically make limited if any impact on the cost of most jobs. Over the past ten years we have seen our business grow rapidly in Atlanta, Birmingham, and Charlotte because of our quality, price and rapid turn around time and we are starting to see rapid growth in more cities each day. Let us show you what our firm can do for you. 

Our quality and dedication to our clients is shown in the fact that since 2002 our firm has sucessfully worked on over ten thousand job sites.
We achieved this by following a few simple rules:
1. We arrive when we are scheduled. 

2. We are always available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 

3. If something is important to our clients then it is important to us.

4. There are no "hourly" estimates, we provide a definite price based on the number of locations to be evaluated prior to arrival.

5. We are fully insured. This includes "professional liability" which is often overlooked by other RADAR firms.

6. We respect every job site's safety rules and regulations.

7. We try to leave each site better than we found it.

8. We will travel anywhere the client requires to perform a project.

Our entire staff is dedicated to ensuring the client is our first priority by helping them achieve successful and efficient RADAR scans on every project. 

We would like to show you what we can do for your firm. 

If you would like to schedule a job, set up a free demonstration, or have questions in general please give us a call at 770-569-1111or email us at radar1500@gmail.com 

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